Project Overview

Aximion is the project developed to provide a 3D interface for Windows-like operation systems. It replaces ordinary 2D GUI Windows interface with a true 3D virtual interactive environment. All two-dimensional windows and forms are transformed into three-dimensional and user can freely move them in 3D space, aquire, arrange and interact as with a common 2d windows. On the first stage of the project, we spent three years for testing capabilities of Windows system and trying various techniques and approaches of visualization and interacting. The result is a program that fully integrates into Windows and transforms 2D windows user interface into the true 3D environment, unlike other projects which create 3D environment that aren't related to the current system.


We are using the Microsoft Windows platform, because it's the most widespread nowadays. However the closed code of important system components and inability to change some system functions are the main development difficulties. We are still looking for acceptable ways of task control and developing a lot of improvements, but the key aspects are already done. There are lots of ways for performance improvement which are now being developed. In this project we directly use hardware acceleration through Microsoft © DirectX technology.


Another project component allows creation and display of themes as a main specific feature of three-dimensional world. These themes will be represented as 3D-wallpapers for the environment and can be designed by third-parties with the help of various modeling software, such as 3d Studio Max or Maya. We intend to integrate these 3D-themes into our user interface, which will be the first significant step into fully three-dimensional interactive user systems.

Considering current display abilities to represent information in 2D form and various input devices abilities to manage information in 2D form, we had to implement some limitations of scene visualization and object control. We believe that in the future, spreading of real 3D display and input devices will allow complete embodying of the true three-dimensional virtual reality paradigm.

To support this project research and development we search ways to increase project funding so a commercial version is planned in the nearest future.